Transport Insurance

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Transport Insurance Services:

Do you know that standard packers and movers companies offer Insurance of your Goods under Transport Insurance Services? No? Probably many people don’t know this, and thereby they end up losing lots of money in the event of loss or damage of goods during relocation. The Transport Insurance covers your goods against loss or damage due to any reason during the entire shifting process. At Shivexpress, we provide Transport Insurance to all our clients. Talk to our teams to know more about it.

Why Transport Insurance?

At times, due to any circumstances, damage or loss of your goods is possible. Only genuine packers and movers provide a solution to it by insuring your goods against loss or damage during transportation. All your heavy furniture, special goods such as ancient or antique art and craft, television sets, and crockery needs special attention and care. Transport Insurance for such goods is very vital and crucial. Contact Us to know about how you can insure your goods during the relocation process.

Benefits of Transport Insurance:

Taking transport insurance by an individual may take a longer time, end up paying higher premiums, and a chance to miss out on important terms and conditions. As your relocation partner, we understand Transportation Insurance much better, and we can speed up the entire process efficiently. While taking your project in hand, we start the process of this insurance, and make sure, before loading your goods to transportation carriers, we have a fully active insurance in our hand. Shivexpress provides safe and express logistics, packing and moving services for a memorable experience relocating your home or office.

If you think, taking transportation insurance is a costly affair, it is not! The cost of transportation insurance is very reasonable, and of course much lower than the cost of loss you may incur in case of any damage or loss of your goods. Feel free to Talk to us to know more about it.